We live in a busy world and can sometimes find ourselves pulled in so many directions that we don’t know which way to turn or what to do next.

Our minds are filled with the busy-ness of daily life and sometimes we just need to stop and take some time out to look after ourselves – both our bodies and our minds. If we don’t look after ourselves then we will not be in good enough shape to look after the ones we love and care for.

We know about healthy eating and the importance of exercise in order to keep our bodies fit and healthy, but we do tend to overlook our minds, assuming they will be fine. However we need to take as good care of our minds as we do of our bodies if we want to remain strong and withstand some of the things life throws at us.

Mindful meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques),  and some forms of yoga are all very useful techniques we can use to help us relax, yet remain mentally strong.   Used either separately or as a combination, these techniques can each render a sense of calm and complete relaxation that helps us transcend some of the trivial stressors in our lives; and be more able and willing to deal with the more significant events.