Do you often feel stressed or anxious?

Looking for ways to help you manage this?

Sometimes the waves of stress or anxiety wash over us to the point that we feel we are drowning in it.  How great would it be to discover the mechanisms that are within us all (although sometimes deeply hidden) to be able to ride these waves and ‘go with the flow’?

Our 4 week course ‘Surfing with Stress’ can help you recognise the triggers for stress and develop the skills to minimise this and help you lead a better life.

4 x weekly 3 hour workshops, culminating in a one day ‘retreat’ which helps you cement and practice all that you have learned.

Contact us here  to find out more and register for our next course in the Belfast area, starting Thursday 12th April (19th, 26th April & 3rd May) with retreat on Sunday 13th May.