Mindful meditation is something which you have probably heard of more and more over the last few years as although it has been around for centuries, it has started to come to the fore of our western consciousness in the 21st century.

Much has been written about mindfulness and how it can enrich our lives through helping us to be more present in our lives and not always looking to the future or the past for answers. Being mindful also aims to help us all to be more compassionate both to ourselves and others, and if we can all try to understand and live by these philosophies it could bring about social change in a positive way.

But, leaving social change to the side for now which is perhaps a little much for us to tackle in this paragraph 😉, how can it help us to live our daily lives more effectively? And how can it help us to relax and manage stress within our lives?

Mindful meditation starts by training our minds to focus on simple things like our breath. It helps us to bring a sense of calm to our thoughts which sometimes have a tendency to run away with us, and take up time which would be better spent elsewhere – perhaps on solving something constructive and real.

We can work ourselves into a state of panic about imagined, or past episodes which we can’t affect or change, and we then can’t think clearly when in fact instead of wasting our energy on pointless worry, we could be working towards finding solutions in the present moment. Worrying is just writing the grand finale of a story that has not, and will not, be written! What a waste of  time and energy.

Mindful meditation helps us to bring our focus into the present moment and slowly learn to train our minds not to waste their time and energy on anything other than the present moment. Some people are happy to learn to do this themselves through reading books or listening to CDs and others like the guided meditation of a teacher who is present at all times.

If you want to find out more about mindfulness and meditation there are many online resources. This is one which we have found particularly useful –  Mindful.org

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